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ScanDisk checks and repairs file devices and undesirable data clusters. ScanDisk is a system utility that is bundled with and all Microsoft Windows Operating Techniques.

Scandisk was programmed to check the integrity of your difficult disk push to make sure there are no major concerns which could corrupt your Laptop info. It truly is utilized to scan your hard disk for glitches a result of improper shutdowns, viruses, and so on.

It was initial viewed in MS-DOS Variation six.2. Earlier variations of MS-DOS experienced only a very standard, purely text-based system known as CHKDSK. From Home windows 95, SCANDISK included a GUI (Graphical Consumer Interface).

The disk scanning utility bundled with Home windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP is also called CHKDSK and it has the opportunity to Verify NTFS disk drives. From Home windows 2000 onwards, it's been integrated with Disk Houses underneath the title of “error-examining”.

The ScanDisk utility is owned by Microsoft, which at first bought it from Norton먹튀검증 (now Symantec).


Scandisk can scan and correct problems within your computer and may take care of damage brought about to important Windows information, therefore improving upon method general performance.

You could find Scan Disk in Home windows 95 and 98 by going to start out Menu. Afterwards, visit Applications/Components/Technique Instruments/ScanDisk.

In Home windows 2000 together with other later versions of Windows, Scan Disk is offered the title Error Checking under disk Houses.

In order to operate Scan Disk in Windows 2000 and Home windows XP, you should press the 먹튀검증 Start button and click on on My Laptop or computer. Within the list of disk drives, choose the travel you would like to scan. Then, click the File menu and opt for Homes. Over the Resources tab web page, click on the Look at Now button. As being a last Take note, you ought to Preferably make use of the Scan Disk feature after a month to be able to make certain your PC is free from mistakes.